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a Will to Live, a Dream to Dive

'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael Lombardi
The allure of venturing underwater is the freedom that it brings. Diving separates us from an overcrowded, stressful two-dimensional existence, and offers just a brief glimpse into something much bigger than life as we know it – an entirely new frontier there for the taking.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost seven years since one of diving’s most impactful events took place – Matthew Johnston became the world’s first ventilator dependent diver. I had the true privilege of working closely with Matt from 2004 through 2007 as we took steps to make his dream of diving a reality.

Most of us are tied to terra firma simply because we don’t have the will, amidst our landlocked obligations, to think and act big. Matt is special because not only does he have that will, but he has the will to live life like no other.

After spending nearly his entire life in a wheelchair, and unable to breathe on his own, over a three yer period, he freed himself, and found solace beneath the waves. Words cannot express how important this effort was for the underwater community.


This weekend, at Beneath the Sea in Seacaucus, New Jersey, Matt will be in attendance as a special guest. I encourage you to attend my lecture on his Diving a Dream project at 3:30 PM on Saturday, and meet the man himself.

Matt – you continue to inspire many. Keep doing what you do!

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