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New Paper | A Paradigm Shift for Human Exploration

Very pleased to share a newly published paper in the Marine Technology Society Journal (Vol. 50, Issue 1), entitles, “A Paradigm Shift for Human Exploration
of the Sea: Standards of Practice, Training, and Program Development for Atmospheric Diving”. download .pdf

This is a timely and essential white paper reflecting on the recent efforts to bring together partners in industry, academia, and militaries of the world to water the seeds for a renewed human presence in the sea, and looking forward on how to do it effectively, and sustainably.

Best part, we have a cover shot! The cover photo features United States Naval Academy Midshipman Brianna Bilunas test-pilotting the Nuytco Research Ltd. Exosuit ADS at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in summer 2014.  The program was organized by the J.F. White Contracting Company, with numerous individuals partaking in Exosuit ADS training through a program sanctioned by Technical Diving International.

MTS 50-1 cover pages_small
Photo by M. Lombardi 2014.