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on the finer points of last minute expedition logistics

OK, so I just forced myself to take a quick break from the last minute chaos of expedition logistics. With…

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Expedition Announced | In TOTO Deep – November 12 – 21

Ocean Opportunity is pleased to announce its support of the forthcoming expedition entitled ‘2010 | in TOTO deep’. The project…

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Past to Present | the Inland Blue Holes

In 2008, Lombardi’s journeyed to Abaco to explore and document the inland blue holes with veteran cave explorer Brian Kakuk.…

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Past to Present | Technical Diving for Science

Lombardi and Drs. Marc Slattery of the University of Mississippi and Michael Lesser of the University of New Hampshire make…

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Breakthrough Discovery | Fluorescent Mantis Shrimp

Lombardi, Albertson and McGauley work with Charlie Mazel on several night dives off of Lee Stocking Island during early experimentation…

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