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Ancient Apocolypse | a Review

Wow…that’s what I have to say after my binge watch of the very recently released Netflix series ‘Ancient Apocalypse’ with Presenter Graham Hancock. While controversial, Hancock is among the few that are very vocal and prolific in presenting “alternative” theories surrounding ancient civilizations. In this series, Hancock draws attention to the time period around the end of the last ice age, circa 12,000 ybp, where a cataclysmic event is theorized to have resulted in the virtual elimination of an advanced civilization that is now lost to us. Without being too forthcoming and exciting conspiracy theorists, this would coincide with the destruction of Atlantis. The series did an exceptional job in presenting the topic in a casual way while provoking thought without calling for any radical acceptance that the aliens were coming…similar concepts are covered in History’s Ancient Aliens series, though AA is clearly intended for a cult following. Hancock presents a very series topic worthy of much scientific debate and further study. Obvious to the viewer, is that the study of the ice age cataclysm is a considerable part of his life’s work, and that when challenging mainstream archaeological conventions with some common sense and a more open worldly view, it is with absolute certainty that there is far more to be learned about the history of human civilization than we collectively understand now, and it is of utmost importance to learn more about it to preserve humanity well into the future. I could dissect each episode in detail but will leave you with two thumbs up – just watch it!