Oceans of Opportunity

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‘occupy’ movement and global civility

What began as a seemingly insignificant Wall Street protest has generated global support – and rightfully so. We have some very real problems to address here in this country, all of which have global implications, and frankly the world economies are proud that the US is standing up to its nonsensical musings in recent history.…

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a pirate’s utopia, or a model for sustainability?

Back in 2007, I attended an evening presentation in downtown Providence by artist Michael Townsend. Townsend, a well-respected artist from Rhode Island to New York, gained a sort of national fame when his four year project to set up residence inside the Providence Place Mall was exposed. That subject alone deserves lengthy discussion here at…

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Overpopulation Devastation

It’s been kept quiet because it’s controversial…overpopulation. The ethics police would have field days on this subject, that is the impact of people on our environment. CNN’s recent news piece on the subject reveals some fascinating data: Embedded video from CNN Video People, including you and me, are the root cause of our environmental crisis.…

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settlement at scale

Just returned from a weekend of some easy camping in Northern Connecticut. The skies were clear, water was warm, fish were biting, and I’m one step closer to identifying a state of minimalism for some extended fieldwork. above image | view inside the hammock The big test this weekend was a trial run with my…

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