Oceans of Opportunity

Category: Atlantis | has Risen, or is Rising?

it’s an alien world out there

The History Channel’s documentary Ancient Aliensis among the best on the subject of extraterrestrial influences on the development of the modern world. The documentary is built on Erich von Daniken’s famed book, ‘Chariots of the Gods‘. It makes me wonder… Generally speaking, it’s easier to be a skeptic than a believer. That holds true for…

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facing fears, and moving forward

August is an exciting time for environmentalists and ocean enthusiasts. here in the Northern Hemisphere, the warm weather draws us outside to play and find new and exciting interactions with the world around us. It is also the annual home to the Discovery Channel’s ‘Shark Week’, where for better or worse, both sides of the…

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til you’re ‘blue’ in the face

Last week, I embarked on a seven day journey to the Exumas, Bahamas…a place that I visit fairly often, and is considered a second home. On my flight down to the islands, I was overtaken as the turquoise waters emerged from the deep surrounding convergence of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Looking out on…

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Atlantis Uncovered

The Discovery Channel’s ‘Atlantis Uncovered’ does a great job debunking the theory of Atlantis. While scientific evidence may not support Plato’s writings, I urge you to take a different perspective. Perhaps ‘Atlantis’ is yet to come. The ideology of the Lost City is one is ingrained in many elements of our society and culture. I…

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an aquatic evolution

The question of where we came from has answers embedded in all cultures and throughout all of history. However, it is a somewhat new concept to consider where we are going as a species. Not so much culturally or socially, but in our species evolution. Few, if any, species on this planet have stopped in…

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Life in the Sea | an Overview

Manned habitation of the seafloor is a critical component for the future of ocean exploration, advancing science, and for the survival of our species. Early projects in the 1960’s and 1970’s set the stage for early saturation technologies and techniques, however funding ‘dried up’ upon several complications being realized. Here, we have compiled a number…

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