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it’s an alien world out there

The History Channel’s documentary Ancient Aliens
is among the best on the subject of extraterrestrial influences on the development of the modern world. The documentary is built on Erich von Daniken’s famed book, ‘Chariots of the Gods‘.

It makes me wonder…

Generally speaking, it’s easier to be a skeptic than a believer. That holds true for any seemingly ‘out there’ theories. I like to look at all supportive evidence objectively, and then arrive at a personal theory that I can support confidently in an argument. In the case of ‘Ancient Aliens’…I buy it.

What in the world does this have to do with the ocean? Well, all ancient civilizations seem to share key elements in their architecture, the knowledge and technology required to produce these structures, and comparable rates of evolving this knowledge base for that period of human history. This is a tremendous void in history to fill – that is, was there some central civilization or mechanism to share these types of innovations? This is where Atlantis comes in to play. I am not a historian by any means, but I do believe there is sufficient evidence to support a theory that technologically advanced ancient civilizations acquired that knowledge from one common source.

Conceptually, ‘Atlantis’ represents something to humanity. It’s an ideal, a harmonious balance, and a place giving rise to advances in science and technology. Atlantis may or may not have existed in ancient past, but human’s strife towards this ideal may very well pave the way for an Atlantis yet to come.

Until then, let’s thank the aliens. Here is Part 1 – 10 of History’s Ancient Aliens