Oceans of Opportunity

Day: September 18, 2013

In Memoriam | Lyle J. Smith

Lyle Smith, long time friend, and Owner/Operator of Coastal Diving Services LLC passed away on September 11, 2013. As I’m away from home, I can’t express how deeply regretful I am for not being able to be in Rhode Island to say goodbye to Lyle. The little peace I’ve been able to find is in knowing that…

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rising tides, seafaring states, & a ‘piece’ of mind

I’m blogging from the Hele Islands, a small group of largely uninhabited cays within the Solomon Islands, where I’ve spent the last ten days supporting scientific dives as part of an expedition for the American Museum of Natural History. While I hate to use the word ‘adventure’ given my feeling that it consumerizes more purist…

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