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The a[l]lure of an Aquarium on Ice?

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all… A Japanese theme park tried to draw visitors by freezing 5,000 fish beneath its ice rink, but a public outcry forced it to close the attraction after just two weeks. Source: Aquarium on Ice, a Lure for Skaters in Japan, Appalls Them Instead – NYTimes.com From an…

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a VERY brief visit to Hong Kong

As I made my way through airport security in Boston, a few things hit me. First, it dawned on me that I’ve barely recovered from the lengthy travel during the recent #exosuitproject at #Antikythera in Greece. Second was that for some reason, the travel process was smoother than ever – perhaps a function of both…

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chicken of the sea

An odd topic, but I feel compelled to chat about chicken. It seems I’ve eaten more chicken recently than I usually do, and for reasons unbeknown, chicken seems to be at every corner turned. A recent visit to South Carolina hammered this observation home – with fried chicken restaurants at literally every street corner…chicken and…

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