Atmospheric Diving Systems (ADS)

Project Description

While our role has been nominal to-date, we coordinated the first scientific end-user training program at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution for the Exosuit ADS, and were there for the first scientific mission deployment of the Exosuit ADS at the legendary Bronze age wreck site of Antikythera, Greece. These early efforts set the tone for a vibrant future for atmospheric diving.

The niche that ADS fills within human intervention is a narrow but critical one – when the need arises to place the human eye coupled with manipulative dexterity at depths when wet diving poses nearly insurmountable limitations in physiology and impractical cost, ADS becomes the platform of choice. In time, with advancements in hand-like appendages and enhanced limb movement, ADS will provide the human access to the continental shelf margin that humanity has only dreamed about for nearly a century.

Our Contributions


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