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'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael Lombardi

On the very rarely found opportunity to kick back and lay on the couch on a  Friday night, like many, I’ll watch a movie. While browsing Netflix for some time, the independent film ‘Zeitgeist’ kept maneuvering to the top of my various lists, so I gave it a go.

Zeitgeist is a film by Peter Joseph which has sparked much controversy, as it takes head-on issues of religion, conspiracy theory, corruption, and each of their influences on today’s society, bringing forward that we – the individual – are very much not in control and are subject to a much larger machine run at the hands of those that are power hungry. While I am always fascinated with films that expose these types of thought processes, what I did find unusual with Zeitgeist is that, while ‘dark’, was a call for action and enlightenment.

In today’s fast paced world, here in the US anyway, we rarely find time to kick back and watch a movie, let alone really reflect on the meaning of life. That is at the root of this film’s message, and in that we have been distracted to the point where we are not in tune with what is really going on within the world around us – and that is hugely problematic.

From my perspective, I believe that we are all empowered to do what is just and right, and contribute in some unique and meaningful way to make the world a better place – that ultimately means finding balance amidst the chaos. That is no easy task, and certainly not the duty or responsibility of just one person. That balance, or Gaia, if you will, will take major social change since we have screwed it all up since the very beginning. Without that balance, we’re doomed. That cannot be argued – it is simple laws of physics of the natural world at work. There is a finite amount of matter and energy here on Earth, and it went from birds and bees and trees to the big concrete and steel nightmare, where bigger and more is better. I ask – to what end? The scales are tipping, as is distinctly evident with the global crises we are seeing in recent years – constant war, climate change, violent storms, and coastal destruction and displacement like we’ve never seen before. Eventually, the scale will tip and then we will have serious problems – VERY SERIOUS.

One thing that is for certain is that time is ticking by and we are literally at the eve of the astrological ‘Aquarian Age‘ (interestingly enough). These new epochs of time have proven to well define civilization historically, so there is no doubt that they will continue to do so. The world is ever turning with or without us. This Aquarian Age may well be our saving grace, where with water we’ll find a renewed balance, and a new unity between and amongst those of us who manage to survive the scales tipping.

While I am certainly not a doomsday propagandist, it doesn’t take much clarity to see that the world around us is not sustainable, and needs to change. Each of us are empowered to do so, but it will take some radical movement to shift world views to peaceful ones that will meaningfully enhance our experience here on Earth, and create a future that we [humans] can ensure we will be participating in.

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