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you guys have it made

'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael Lombardi‘Oh really?’, was my surprised response to the comment from a  well-to-do client as we reviewed the scope of work for a project from his 15th floor office overlooking Boston Harbor. Have it made? I guess you have to put life in perspective.

Out on the water everyday, underwater most days, dodging the cold, constantly wet skin leading to every fungus imaginable – somewhat adventurous, yes –  but have it made? The life aquatic is surely not for everyone.

For most, diving is perceived as going out and looking at pretty fish. Unfortunately the realities of the other side of the fence are not so well understood or appreciated. Working divers, especially of the inshore variety, are in the mud, pushing the boundaries of both physics and physiology on a daily basis.

Now of course, I love what I do, and am fortunate to have fallen down the path that seemed to be my fate, but I can say without any doubt at all that most days I would not say that I have it made. In fact, after now making several thousand ups and downs on the ladder or the line, to the point where I can feel the pain some days, I KNOW I don’t ‘have it made’.  However, when I think about the other side, perhaps sitting in a 15th story office myself – I couldn’t do it.

Maybe having it made is all relative.

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