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when water bites back

April showers bring May flowers, and floods…

Back at home in Rhode Island, the last two days of torrential downpours, coupled with an unusually high water table have caused flooding conditions around the State. RI has been declared to be in a state of emergency, with a significant number of schools, public works and services, and government buildings not able to operate. In fact, even Interstate 95 is closed due to it being underwater. The current flood conditions are said to be the worst in the State’s recorded history.

The displacement that such environmental forces cause is tragic for us humans, but it should stand as a reminder that just as we take and consume, water can find ways to fight back, and with brute force.

The floods in RI seem to fit the ongoing series of high magnitude natural disasters that we have faced in the recent past. While I’m not saying that doomsday is right around the corner, I do believe that we should be paying attention to the magnitude and frequency of severe and/or abnormal weather events, and respect coastal forces in particular as we take steps towards finding a more intimate balance with the sea.