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water, water everywhere…

A recent article from CNN Tech describes the discovery of a watery ‘Earth-like’ planet, not too far from home. The planet is named GJ 1214b, and is 2.7 times as large as Earth, but with an atmosphere still unlikely to support life as we know it. But, with water, possibilites are endless…
Here on Earth, we know all too well that the vast majority of our biological and chemical diversity lies in the oceans. And yet, as I’ve written about frequently in this Blog and elsewhere, we are far from understanding and realizing the investment potential of first exploring, and then capitalizing on this frontier. For those of us who do venture to oceana incognita, ‘in pursuit of”, the discovery potential of a watery planet is unfathomable. What is reassuring is that the technologies in use, and continually being developed for manned ocean exploration here on Earth, with little modification, will likely support forays into oceans elsewhere in the future.
Explorers, technologists, and innovators that make ocean intervention possible here on Earth need to band together. Forget the competition in our every so small community – imagine the power of collaboration, merging capabilities and expertise for the sole purpose of advancing the human race. The outcomes of working together would redefine what we are capable of here on Earth, and likely contribute to the evolutionary steps necessary to take exploration just a few solar systems further.
It’s out there for the taking…

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