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Unidentified Submarine Objects

Just yesterday, I became enthralled by an episode of UFO Hunters which focused on Underwater Submarine Objects (USOs). Interestingly, most UFO sightings are considered to be over areas of desert or mountains – areas with unobstructed views and little light pollution – allowing for the nighttime observer to catch anomalies in his/her field of view. However this is not always the case. There is a growing batch of evidence, dating back more than a century, of UFO sightings out to sea, with some breaking the surface – making them ‘USOs’.

To learn more about USOs on the History Channel:

I have spent thousands and thousands of hours out on and underwater, and I can’t say I’ve encountered an extraterrestrial USO per se, but there are always anomalies that keep the curiosities looming; out of place water movements or disturbances, odd creatures, mass strandings, and so on. This is part of humans’ attraction to the oceans – the ongoing pool of questions that remain so mysterious. This is what fuels our imaginations, and justifies our exploratory pursuits.

The Abyss (Special Edition)

The interaction between humanity, the seas, and the promise of hope, has never been conveyed better than in James Cameron’s film, ‘the Abyss’. The film takes us on a journey through humans exploration and exploitation of the seafloor, demonstrates the power of the ocean to respond to human greed and selfishness, and unveils the promise of discovery and hope that the ocean very likely holds in affording global peace and balance. Every mariner has seen it, and every mariner can identify with it. Rather than for us to ask ‘why?’, the film asks ‘why not?’.

I’d be going way out on limb to say that there is an Abyss-like alien civilization deep in our oceans, and I am not willing to do so without some hard evidence. But I do believe in the promise of discovery…and you cannot discover without taking that first step out the door.

Practically speaking, anyone/thing viewing Planet Earth from a distance sees ‘blue’, hence our ‘Blue Planet’ that has been discussed here before. Just as we do when proposing to visit the moon and beyond, a visitor would seek out Earth to explore, exploit, and manage the resources that dominate and create rich value in the environment. I would not think it far fetched to believe that if we are indeed visited from elsewhere, that the ocean is a logical place to greet these new friends.

Now consider the expense that a visitor from another world would undertake to examine our oceans…its beyond comprehension. If we would only make the investment ourselves, and find an appreciation for what we have in our backyard – powerful energy providing processes, disease curing biological and chemical diversity, mineral wealth – perhaps our selfish interests would be put in perspective, and we would find that the Blue Planet that we are responsible for has more to offer humanity, and in a relatively short time frame, than we ever could have imagined.

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