Oceans of Opportunity

Top Ten Sunken Cities, for now…

I’ve written a fair bit about rising tides, seafaring states, and Atlantean futurisms here within this Blog over the years. The topic has become ever more relevant as we see the very real impacts of rising tides around the world.

I’ll keep this one short. The following has been circulating around the digital universe recently, and it’s well done:


Let’s face the music on this one… While some cities on the list were intentionally sunk (behind a dam for instance), others have been swallowed by rising tides – some cataclysmic, and others as sea level continue to rise with glacial retreat. As history tends to repeat itself, it is not a far cry to consider that Miami, Boston, New York, and others will be on a similar list if we continue on the path we are headed.

Should we head for the hills? No, not exactly. Rather, we should be thinking big about coastal infrastructure, new and innovative construction materials technology, and a renewed human interface with and within the sea.

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