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the State of the Union | 2010

In our quest for better understanding the steps necessary to build, nurture, and evolve to a new life in the sea, politics are not to be overlooked.

Last night, the US was presented its State of the Union by President Obama. Opinions across party lines aside, the facts of where we stand today as a nation were presented well.

A number of critical elements were presented, that from my research, mesh exceedingly well with the needs of a future aquatic civilization. In particular, the encouragement of small businesses and entrepreneurs, the need to nurture innovation and stand proud as a world leader in new technologies, and the dire requirement of the US, and all commerce to be producers, rather than consumers. This is a philosophy I hold very closely, and believe that productive, rather than consumptive programs, projects, research, and businesses need to be a focus. These are the contributions we (Americans) need to make to our country, and to the global economy, if we are to remain in a leadership position on this planet.

Keep these elements in mind as we venture to the sea. In a frontier with no governance, no politics, and virtually no management relative to the scale of its existence, it is our responsibility to trek out responsibly, and while learning from past problems (and progress) on terra firma.