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'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael Lombardi

Yesterday marked my annual marathon style urban expedition to New York City for professional meetings at the American Museum of Natural History. I leave Providence around 0530, and am walking the city streets by 0900. From Grand Central to AMNH is about a 35 minute walk if you’re hustling, which I do to take in just a little bit of the city before I head home later in the evening – landing back in Providence around midnight.

The day’s visit was particularly important as we make final preparations for a major expedition to the Solomon Islands scheduled for September.More on that event to come.

Business aside, I always take the time to find a renewed appreciation for AMNH and what it stands for. Above the front steps of the Museum, carved in stone, are the words ‘Truth, Knowledge, Vision’. Passing through these doors, you can feel how deeply those ideals are embedded within the institution.

Founded in 1869 with substantial efforts of many, including Theodore Roosevelt Sr., father of the 26th President Theodore Roosevelt Jr., the Museum stands to this day as one of the most celebrated treasures in New York City, and perhaps the entire country. Most interestingly about Roosevelt is his passion for the natural world, coupled with political prominence. This is a unique but very necessary mix for success, especially in the context of divulgation, or fostering public awareness of science. In many ways this is a lost art – while today the conventions in various e- and social media are changing the paradigm and a new model has not emerged cleanly (yet).

This communication is important nonetheless.

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