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'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael Lombardi

With yet another Shark Week behind us, it’s time to take to the water’s edge with a renewed curiosity and appreciation for our toothy friends for yet another year.

Just as I though I was shark-free here at home, I was presented with an argument that I was certainly not going to win – we needed a ‘Shark’, vacuum that is.

A few years ago, the Mrs. convinced me that our floors would be cleaner than they ever have if we invested in a Shark – and so we did. While its a fine piece of equipment, I must say that it is only as effective as how often it gets put to work. When we bought this first Sharl I was assured that with the multitude of attachments, this would be the last vacuum we would ever need. She’s quite the saleswomen apparently.

This past weekend I was sold yet again on another Shark investment – this timefor the portable unit. It is light years ahead of the early ‘Dustbusters’ of 20 years ago, and does do a good job…even in tracking down Cheerios from underneath the couch cushions courtesy the wee-ones. Despite all that – it’s more gadgetry to sit in the closet. Ugghh.

Shark’s out there, shark’s in here, there’s sharky critters everywhere. Time to get back in the water – I’d rather take my chances with the toothy variety than the suction variety any day of the week.

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