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'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael LombardiSometimes you have to let your mind slip outside of the box as a mental health exercise. With that, some outside-the-box thinking might even come your way. This morning, I stumbled upon ‘Alternate Perceptions Magazine’, and it made for some great Saturday morning reading over a few cups of coffee.

Of particular interest, were a couple of articles by Dr. Greg Little. Dr. Little is probably best-known in popular culture for his work in studying the Edgar Cayce readings, particularly in how they apply to searching for the Lost City of Atlantis. One article in the December issue of the eZine referred to a Dr. Raymond Brown’s claim that he discovered an underwater pyramid (buried in the sand) in the Bahamas back in the ’70’s. Brown alleges that he was able to enter this pyramid, and dislodged a crystal from a set of hands (of a statue). This crystal does indeed exist, but as one would expect, there is great skepticism as to its origins, and its mode of discovery. Brown spent his whole life defending that this crystal was discovered from an Atlantean pyramid that was found by chance – and just as fate exposed this discovery, it is now hidden yet again.

‘Probably not’, as you are likely thinking. But ‘maybe’, as any good investigator cannot disprove the claim. So, the question is, ‘do claims and stories like this discredit the Atlantis investigation, or do they leave us even more room to believe?’

I’m afraid I cannot answer that one, but can say that the thought has proven to be a healthy distraction from my Saturday morning which started with deep entrenchment in work. Perhaps this is even one of Atlantis’ many powers at work – an enabled psychology to break away from the grind and consider life just a little differently.

Now, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in the Bahamas, and can say with confidence that I haven’t even scratched the surface from an exploration perspective. There is so much out there to be investigated, and even just observed for the absolute first time, that I’d find it difficult to discount just about anything – and that’s half the fun. I will say that there is a certain mystified allurement to the Bahamas, particularly its underwater habitats. When you are there, in the environment, it is overwhelmingly captivating and draws you further and further – something I have never experienced in any other place.

Maybe its nothing. But, maybe it is…

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