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Project Description

Pure discovery is the pinnacle of scientific exploration. The ability to witness, or rather experience, the novelties of existence, is at the heart of humanity’s fundamental role in time and space.

An unexplored frontier, be it physical, physiological, or psychological, beckons intrigue and curiosity by our species. The ocean is the ideal platform to pursue discovery, and is made possible by the process of innovation. Home to millions of undescribed life forms and unknown habitats, the ocean is an overlooked frontier well within reach. Within this frontier lie the answers to many of mankind’s greatest questions, and provides a source of hope.

Our work has advanced the scientific discovery process through supporting and catalyzing work with the following (partial list):

American Museum of Natural History
Bahamas Marine EcoCentre
City University of Hong Kong
City University of New York
Magellan Bioscience Inc.
NOAA’s Caribbean Marine Research Center
Nightsea LLC
Origin Bioscience Inc.
Penn State University
Perry Institute for Marine Science
Physical Sciences Inc.
RI Department of Environmental Management
University of Connecticut
University of Miami
University of Mississippi
University of New Hampshire
University of Rhode Island
Yale University
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution