MTS Special Issue on Diving Technology

In December 2013, we took the lead on organizing and editing a long-overdue Special Issue for the Marine Technology Society’s Journal entitled ‘Diving Technology and Techniques for the 21st Century’.

Topics included advances in sport diving equipment, right through Atmospheric Diving Suits for underwater construction. While the journal release was timely, it marks only a snapshot in the current evolution of new diving technology for human intervention.

There is a very exciting convergence of techniques and technologies from ‘technical diving’ with more conventional scientific and commercial diving taking place, which is an interesting paradigm shift from the perspective of where progress is being made. Economic drivers within industry are not necessarily pushing innovation in the diving sector – progress is coming through satisfying human curiosity. This means more innovation is coming from garages, hobbyists, and small businesses and is fueling interests in exploration. Even since the 2013 publication, there has been an emergence of nifty knickknacks from cameras to personal underwater drones that are influencing how we interact with the underwater world.

In time, new opportunities for commerce will be discovered that will carry this fledgling aquatic state forward. Exciting times!