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Commerce and donations generated through this site benefit Ocean Opportunity Inc. (OO), a 501(c)3 not for profit organization founded by Michael Lombardi.

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Ancient Apocolypse | a Review

Wow…that’s what I have to say after my binge watch of the very recently released Netflix series ‘Ancient Apocalypse’ with Presenter Graham Hancock. While controversial, Hancock is among the few that are very vocal and prolific in presenting “alternative” theories surrounding ancient civilizations. In this series, Hancock draws attention to

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New York’s Diving History Under Pressure

I recently returned from a family ‘trip’ (we don’t call them ‘vacations’ when the kids are involved) to New York City. Residing in the Northeast, I’ve made my way to the City for a variety of business and personal reasons over the years, and one thing is for certain –

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Don’t Look Up | a review

During my mindless Netflix flipping to decompress I took a chance with the new DiCaprio/Lawrence film ‘Don’t Look Up’. At surface level, it wasn’t that good, but after sleeping on it, the deeper messaging is quite profound – my suspicion is that this take home was the very intent, and

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Spaceship Earth | a review

I just recently returned from personally visiting the University of Arizona’s Biosphere 2 facility out in the middle of the desert. As a kid, I remember news headlines highlighting the 2 year social experiment that placed a team of ‘Biospherians’ inside the isolated ecosystem – it was really quite interesting

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The most pressing challenges of our time can be addressed with a renewed human interaction with, and presence within, the sea...

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Ocean Opportunity Inc. (OO) is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization established in 2003 by Explorer Michael Lombardi.

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