Intellectual Property

Lombardi’s intellectual portfolio is leveraged for the benefit of bringing us all ‘Oceans of Opportunity. The following are key IP elements used for program development:


  • Burleson,WS, and Lombardi, MR. (2018). Portable Inflatable Habitat With Modular Payload, System and Method. US Patent # US 10,155,573 B2.


  • Lombardi, MR. (2014). Exosuit ADS Training & Proficiency Guide. JFW internal document, sanctioned by Technical Diving International. US Copyright RegistrationTXu-1-906-153. March 1, 2014. 49pp.


  • Michael Lombardi, trademark filed with USPTO Class Code 042
  • Oceans of Opportunity, trademark filed with USPTO Class Code 042
  • Ocean Space Habitat, servicemark filed with USPTO Class Code 042
  • Rebreather Day 1, trademark filed with USPTO, Class Code 042
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