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Haiti | a people in peril

Devastating news this week with a major earthquake literally destroying the island nation of Haiti. Words cannot describe the challenges that are being faced today, let alone what will lie ahead in rebuilding this country. With the death toll likely over 100,000, there is urgent need to support this country’s people. To learn about how you can help, visit:

How to Help the Haiti Earthquake Victims

Many of us who frequent the Caribbean for work or play, are attracted to the region because of its simplicity. Simple infrastructure, simple cultural interactions, and a simple way of life. The beaches are pristine, the water is warm, the people are friendly – an ideal ‘paradise’ for a visitor from the modernized western world.

But, spend enough time off the beaten path, and it becomes clear that there is a struggle day to day. The island nations of the Caribbean are very much a third world country, with major social and political struggles to stay in touch with the quickly developing modern world. We don’t hear much day to day about the Caribbean because it is generally peaceful, and tranquil. Just one act of nature has a way of changing things…

We are all susceptible to the power of Earth’s natural forces. Some of us are more protected, or rather prepared, than others. For those less fortunate, especially in times of need such as this, the power of the human spirit to do what is right will benefit all in the end.

I encourage you to do whatever possible in supporting the relief efforts in Haiti.