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from sea, to shiny new home

Many backyards today are home to ‘PODS’, the simple solution to your mess, clutter, overflowing garage or closet. Take this a step further, and you might just have a place to live.

In some of the more remote places I frequent, I have been continuously impressed by how simple living can be. People in many developing countries live in not much more than a shack, and they are quite happy with this degree of simplicity. These are among the few remaining who appreciate a ‘less is more’ mentality. Ironically, to visit these places, it costs an arm and a leg, particularly when trying to coordinate logistics for any major exploration pushes. The concept of a POD outpost is very appealing. Drop in a 100% self-sustained cubicle, or series of them to make up expedition HQ for a semi-permanent amount of time. Imagine POD1 with bunks, POD2 with water collection/purification/food storage, POD3 for shop/work space, and so on. Ramped up to a small communal style arrangement, small outposts could attract the first exploration settlements, with new world explorers bringing handheld technologies that could bring secrets from these remote areas back to the masses.

While living in a POD may still be a bit crude for most, the idea of cookie cutter living isn’t a new one. This recent piece on CNN sheds light on recycling shipping containers as living structures:

Embedded video from CNN Video

Brilliance. The idea of recycling these alone is worthwhile. Now consider the ability to transport a truly modular, and robust, home just about anywhere. Now this is living.

As our species takes strides, however slow, towards more efficient and sustainable living, the realities of doing so underwater become closer as well. Try taking everything you need to live for a weekend on your back and hit the trails. You’ll find a new appreciation for a degree of minimalism, and the prospect of leaving the four walls of your home might become just a little less worrisome.

Think survival, think efficient.

Be safe out there.