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evolutionary past, and evolutionary future

Groundbreaking news this week for understanding human evolution.These types of discoveries are so rare, yet tell so much of our evolutionary past.

Ardi Is a New Piece for the Evolution Puzzle

Perhaps more importantly, they inspire us to consider our evolutionary future. Like anything forward-thinking, it is met with skepticism by the masses. The subject of a ‘Home aquaticus’, despite being vocalized by Cousteau himself, remains the subject of parapsychology, tabloids, and science fiction.

Theories have been presented about an ‘Aquatic Ape’ in human’s evolutionary past, however with no physical evidence to support this, it remains a distant subject to pursue. When considering our evolutionary future however, the concept of a seafaring human race, subspecies, or even entire new species cannpot be ruled out…especially when considering how far we’ve come since the recently discovered ‘Ardi’.

In teh 1960’s, at the start of a series of ‘life in the sea’ experiemntal saturation diving programs, Cousteau hypothesized that humans would be well on their way to a permanent presence on teh seafloor by 2000. It is fair to say that teh technology exisits, the dreams and desires exist, but the mass-societal jsutification is still early..largely due to not a ‘mis’understanding of the oceans, rather a lack of understanding in jsut how vast of a resoruce they truly are.

Today, Planet Earth is overcrowded – at least terra firma is. As a result, humans have placed pressures on this planet that are causing unbalance adn in some cases irreversible damage. Once lessons are learned from this past period of industrialization, we can set out to oceana incognita in a responsible way. We will undoubtedly unleash the massive potential and secrets that define what our ‘Blue Planet’ is all about.

There are those of us out there willing to venture deeper, further, and for lifetimes – this will be the evolutionary driver for the next several million years – but we need the weight of the world behind us.