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defining the deep envelope

A recent December 5th dive in the Red Sea took steps to define the capacity of humans to foray into the deep. A team of 3 divers using rEvo rebreathers completed a dive to 211 meters depth (about 700 feet).

The deep push team included Paul Raymaekers (Belgium), Marco Reis (Brasil), and Pim van der Horst (Netherlands). Support was provided by several divers from around the world, including France, Belgium, the UK, and Egypt.

The total runtime for the excursion was just under five hours. This is the perfect demonstration of our (humans’) ability to undertake a significant frontier push in less than a 24-hour period, and with relatively limited resources. This depth is about SIX times deeper than conventional scuba activities, and marks a depth very often overlooked by deep submersible operations. As more and more dives are made to these depths, and the technology to take us there continues to evolve, practical ‘working’ excursions at these depths will stand to advance science and enable the process of discovery.

Many congrats to the deep and support teams for this remarkable demonstration!