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Atlantis is Rising

'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael Lombardi

Surely that post title caught your attention – and no, its not some propagandist hoax from the back of a tabloid. This is the real deal.

The site, www.spiritscience.net recently released a piece describing 5 beautiful underwater cities – and these do indeed exist, or at least what remains of these cities that were once swallowed by the sea; now resting at peace while preserving artifacts, architecture, and perhaps most importantly the spirit of the intellectual mastery needed to make these forgotten places the social, cultural, and economic epicenters that they once were. truly magnificent.


To put this in context, imagine a major port or harbor city such as New York or Boston, completely engulfed by the rising tide. Everything that makes up the city center itself is forever swallowed and lost until it is rediscovered thanks to newly embraced technology at the hands of human curiosity. Every suburb that was dependent is impacted and potentially left to starve, and foreign establishments that relied on the city center as a hub for commerce take an economic downturn.

Would it happen today?

Absolutely, as we see these patterns with even the slightest environmental impacts. Imagine a major city lost…

Not only will it happen, but it has happened. Unfortunately for us, we (humans) have trended towards being too nearsighted to get a grip on the bigger picture, and realities that history indeed repeats itself (science can prove that one). It is a fact that major coastal cities have been lost in our species’ past. In some cases, just now they are being rediscovered and we have the means to do a thorough investigation. Each discovery, at that magnitude, rewrites all we know about ourselves today, and certainly re-tracks us for our tomorrow. That opportunity for discovery is out there every single day, and it is an absolute fact that further vanished cities await discovery. Knowing where to start is the hard part.

Should we be concerned with an event such as ‘the flood’ (as in THE flood) happening today or at least within our lifetimes? Well, it is not too far fetched to say absolutely yes, at least at some scale. With sea level creeping up on us daily, it seems rather obvious that coastal impacts will be enormous and bear major consequences. Given rather recent coastal storms and events, from tsunamis to hurricanes, it would not be illogical to consider that we will lost a major coastal city at some point – and again, all that comes with it.

As much as I deeply enjoy and embrace the art and science of physical exploration, and identifying clues to guide continued discovery and potentially paradigm changing science, I enjoy equally the quest to more completely understand the world around us, human interaction with and within it, and evoking just enough popular [re]consideration of our very wet world.

After all, at one point in time, as mighty as we were, we were swallowed whole. One might consider that today Atlantis is Rising again – our civilization taking to an all new reign of power, and level of control and Earthly manipulation – but did we learn our lesson the first time? As much as I’d love to be diving the greatest cities in history in some future lifetime, I’d hate to have to admit that I was a part of the culture some 10,000 ybp that missed all the warning signs.

Just remember, its always easier to fall than it is to rise…continually take steps up and forward, but be them well calculated, and of benefit for all.

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