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We’ve come so far, yet have so far to go | Trieste turns 50

It’s been 50 years since the history making journey to the deepest part of our planet..the Trieste dives to the bottom of the Marianas Trench. In many ways, those 50 years have been full of continued success in the ocean sciences, yet in other ways we have so, so far to go.

That spirit of exploration, which is a fundamental driver of humanity, and a trait consistent with every major geographical discovery, is one that is difficult to embrace by the world which has resulted from these early discoveries. Today, the promise of discovery is often bound to the box created by an institutionalized and industrialized world. Empowering visionaries at a level required to make radical change in today’s world is virtually non-existent.

Today, however, with powerful enabling technologies for manned ocean exploration entering the hands of many very capable and visionary people, the institutional barriers that have for so long inhibited progress, might again reap the benefits of purist exploration. The critical element is collaboration, and this is something being embraced at scale given limited budgets, the expanding role of the free agent in today’s society, and the dynamic processes that make collaboration possible – social networking.

Let’s celebrate and learn from our past. But at the same time, let’s hear the words of those willing to take the risks that need to be taken, and join the journey. It will stand to benefit us all, as a new ‘life in the sea’ may very well be that frontier that humanity takes its next major step in evolution.

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