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time after time, or timeless

'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael LombardiEvery so often, I fall victim to a most unfortunate creative rut. Now happens to be one of those times. It is a period where, in hindsight, I have been incredibly productive for a long while, and the benefits have yet to cast me ahead. It happens, and while discouraging, if time has its way of repeating itself, the next creative push is thankfully not so far off…

While taking some ‘down time’, very relatively speaking, I’ve been pondering how to tackle the next creative onslaught. In falling victim to this day to day rut, what comes forward most are patterns and actions that I categorize as ‘time after time’ – the repeatable cycles of the daily grind, and more broadly of life itself. Sure, there are fits and spurts of stress and other detours, but all in all its just a cyclical rut without much meaning. I tend to be bold enough to challenge life itself and question what all this means, and ‘why we’re here and doing all this – time after time’, which leads me to believe that ‘success’ is finding an inner peace and happiness within oneself. For some, that peace can be found with the time after time lifestyle. For others, myself included, the strife is for ‘timeless’.

The next creative challenge will be to create a timeless work…something that will far out survive me and any of those that I have any direct impact on or interaction with. I’m uncertain of the media or venue, but it will be a timeless piece – something reflective that steers the time after time in a new, bold direction – and it will be a model piece demonstrative of this life aquatic. That is the one certainty.

It seems that the one thing I have plenty of is time to think – while working underwater is my time after time, it offers the solitude to let my mind ebb and flow, and to some deeply impactful places.

So, stay tuned…airing next may prove a timeless classic.