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'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael LombardiWe’ve all done it since we were little kids, but the topic remains elusively among the taboo topics of our generation – peeing in the ocean. Basically there are two types of people out there – those that do, and those that lie about it. Same holds true for divers and peeing in their wetsuits.

The topic was taken on recently in a rather scientifically minded way, so I felt compared to share with my co-conspirators living the life aquatic:


So, now that the science is out and in the end we aren’t doing any significant environmental damage, perhaps some folks will lighten up about the issue. In the realm of diving, of course we still have to deal with hygiene, and more importantly avoiding the severe stink that comes with long days spent in a wetsuit.

Interestingly, the need to pee while diving is enhanced with the effects of temperature, weight on your kidneys, and good ole osmosis – so there is no getting around waste elimination while diving. In more recent years, the ‘pee valve‘ has become commonplace on drysuits (as opposed to the alternative of wearing diapers), and some folks use them on wetsuits for personal preference.

Strange topic I suppose, but I figure since someone else broke the silence, the topic deserves its own spot here as we chronicle this journey we’re on.

I could share some stories, but will spare the details. Ask me over a drink sometime.

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