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Step aside Mr. Turkey, make room for Black Beans…

'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael LombardiWell, it’s that time of year yet again. As the holidays bring us all together to eat big and partake in the typical holiday camaraderie, it can prove to be a rather distracting period of time for the serial entrepreneur.

This Thanksgiving weekend, I kept my eye on the ball and managed to take advantage of some time at the shop, and then headed out for a dive today to evaluate a new piece of equipment I’ve been developing. Beautiful dive – visibility is clearing up here in Rhode Island, per usual, though with that comes the chilly water.

Anyway, per my usual Thanksgiving weekend Blogging endeavors, this is my once per year shameless plug for my book ‘Black Beans, Mean Business’. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone out there with aspirations to trek out into a new venture, or just cook up a good meal.

I am proud to say that we have now reached double digit sales. Help us march forward towards triple digits! This one is a real page turner folks. Get yours today!


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