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'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael LombardiNow this is not an everyday headline by any means. MSNBC recently released a piece highlighting University of Hartford’s Richard Freund’s work in Spain, which claims to have uncovered the Lost City of Atlantis.

According to Freund, his team has discovered remnants of an ancient city some 60 miles inland from the coast that would have stood in a circular pattern, much like how Plato’s Atlantis has been described throughout the ages. Freund believes that the site was destroyed by a Tsunami based on the arrangement of large stones at the study site.

I find it interesting that the story, with such a bold claim, made national headlines. Most Atlantis theories fall by the wayside, with the media shrugging off both the significance of such research, and the broader implications of an actual Atlantean discovery. The fact that a true academician is making related claims serves to strenghten the more prophetic and philosophical theories, such as those well-known of Edgar Cayce.

It would change everything…human history, our perception of innovation and technological knowledge here on Earth, and would quite likely redefine how we perceive progress as a modern civilization. The fact that the team has the support of National Geographic likely helps considerably with the media attention. In fact, the research will be featured on a National Geographic television program on March 15th at 8PM entitled ‘Finding Atlantis’.

However, again, quite the bold claim unless there is some really hard evidence that has been discovered that has yet to be released to the masses

Most Atlantean theories are viewed as conspiracies, hearsay, or something out of science fiction. But, what if?

What if there were a period of human history, or a few periods, that pre-dated our entire modern understanding of civilization? Imagine lost technologies, ideas about government and commerce, modes of communication, global trade routes, and what have you…perhaps this revitalized world view is what we need to get back on track. Timing would be good considering the wake of today’s devastation – financial, environmental, and otherwise – and with 2012 right around the corner, embracing an enlightening perspective on life and change would undoubtedly be for the betterment of us all.

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