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To my loyal Blog readers and followers,

I’m taking a break from Blogging…

For this next stretch, I am committing my time allocated to writing to completing a long overdue technical manuscript, and then following that with a new book project. I have no idea how long this will keep me offline, but believe it will prove to be a valuable exercise in channeling productivity for both personal and professional growth. I plan to continue to drop dribs and drabs as they happen through social media, and very much appreciate all of your support over the years with the likes, shares, re-posts, and so on – all of the public appeal helps drive the bigger vision, and has helped to put me where I am today.

So, a few parting thoughts…I never really loved to write. It all started with a high school English teacher who suggested that I wasn’t much of a writer, and then a second high school teacher who suggested my writing was too verbose and prophetic. Well, along my long list of F#@& you’s over the years, for better or worse, was that I took writing head on in a complimentary path with a few other endeavors, and so here we are. I figured out more succinct technical writing in the college years, and then re-embraced creative writing as a personal outlet during some very dark and difficult times almost 20 years ago. I didn’t then, and still now don’t like to talk about much, so putting it all on paper has been my therapeutic outlet. It started as paper journal which I have since destroyed and thrown away for sake of protecting some of the content and people referenced. Along the way, I shifted a bit and used creative writing semi-professionally, penning articles for trade magazines and the like, and then realizing that trying to peddle a story to an editor who crucifies you, even changes your author name to credit another, then not compensate you for the piece was enough – I shifted to Blogging to keep it all in one place for myself. My story, my content, my style, and with nothing much to hide I put it out there for the rest of you.

At times I wrote about nothing too important, at others I wrote about whatever the hot news was for the day, and still others were just introspective reflections as I found my way about. For those that have benefited from this journey through the literary arts, again, I thank you for the following, and hope that this next book project will will be found to be equally enthralling. It will represent both a capstone and a turning point, and I’m prepared for whatever manifests itself on the other side of its publication.

For now, this bad and overly verbose and prophetic writer has left you with plenty of material strewn throughout the marine and diving industry, and the web, with 569 Blog posts.

That doesn’t account for all of the proposals, technical reports, and other internal documentation that’s helped us go from here to there and make all of the above possible. In retrospect, did any of that effort really matter? I just don’t know for sure, but hope to make that discovery here shortly.

So with that – goodbye.