Oceans of Opportunity

shedding some light on a ‘lost continent’

'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael LombardiThe age old question that is at the fundamental drive of almost every scientific and intellectual pursuit – our origins. Within that lies the puzzling question as to where our civilization began, and further, were there civilizations in the deeper past that have long since vanished?


Deeply intriguing, and theory after theory remain just that – theory. This morning’s news shed some light, I believe, on the possibility of actually ‘losing a continent’. The CNN report shared information that floating stone was found in the South Pacific:
As it happens, the area of floating pumice stone is nearly 10x’s the State of Rhode Island here in the US. Living in Rhode Island, I can say for certain that while it is the smallest state in the Union, there is plenty going on. it may not always be ‘civilized’, though the resources within this size space, x 10, is more than adequate for a self-contained and sustained civilization.
Is it feasible for an entire seafaring civilization to have lived on a continent positioned somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in Earth’s distant past, and then vanish without a trace? Well, if stone floats (apparently now we have proof that it does), then why not?
As the adage says, “seeing is believing”…and so it is.

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