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On January 23rd, I organized the ‘2010 Northeast Rebreather & Advanced Diving Technology Workshop’, which was hosted at the University of Rhode Island. The reasons for doing so were partly personal interest, and mostly because we are at a marquee time in advancing human intervention of the sea.

In my introductory remarks, I refer to rebreathers as an ‘enabling technology’, referencing their ability to allow us to go where no man has gone before, and frankly, be surprised. This element of surprise is what drives our species, and a core component to this ‘new life in the sea’ literary project.

The event was widely attended by more than 80 people, representing all areas of diving. Five presentations were offered by experts in the field, and feedback has been all positive, with requests for a follow-up next year.

All of the presentations were video recorded, and compiled into a 3-disc DVD set. This set is now available, providing a permanent archive of the critical information provided, and a lasting resource for diving instructors.

100% of the proceeds will go towards organizing a subsequent event. To purchase a copy, click here.