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During my recent Blogging hiatus, I shifted my time allocated towards writing to bottom out a long overdue book project., and am pleased to share here that ‘Closed Circuit | Open Sourced’  is now published and available on Amazon.com.

I’ve been diving closed circuit rebreathers for almost 20 years, having realized the strong potential for the technology to open new doors for humans operating beneath the sea. I’ve been somewhat fortunate to be what they call ‘an early adopter’, having moved toward their use at the start of the 21st century during a time when the technology was still considered taboo, at least for the masses. A lot has changed, both for the better, and perhaps for the worse. On the positive side, we’re starting to see more widespread use and through that, have a better handle on how to mitigate liability, quality control/quality assurance issues, and refine techniques. On the negative side, there are still striking differences from system to system that create a barrier for massive market expansion.

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Through my time diving this technology, I’ve made several incremental ‘improvements’ to the units I was diving, and have developed several proprietary and custom systems for my own purposes, all in an effort to develop ‘the perfect rebreather’. After these near twenty years of tinkering I can confidently say that no such perfect rebreather exists. However, the important lesson learned along this period of time was establishing a personal philosophy based on both mechanical features and the means in which I operate. This book started as a collation of these lessons learned, and has evolved nicely into a more comprehensive framework for logical deduction around the design and operations of closed circuit rebreathers. It is intended to invoke thought and discussion on standardization of this technology as the community continues to evolve to require its more routine use.

I’ve used rebreathers in 400+ feet of water, and in 2 feet of water, all with good reason in accomplishing the task at hand. Given that, I’m confident that there’s something here for everyone – from the novice diver to rebreather engineer, and everyone in between. So, I hope you all buy a copy, or two, or three…

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