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The Nephilim, or a race of giants that are said to have lived some 400,000 years ago, raise numerous questions about our origins.

While there are no physical fossil remains of ancient Nephilim, there are traces of evidence in ancient texts and monoliths. There are also Biblical references to giants throughout the Old Testament. Perhaps not so coincidentally, Edgar Cayce’s psychic readings and visions (relatively recent history)suggest that a subculture of giant people did inhabit the Earth during a period of time prior to the Great Flood and were involved in the development of Atlantis. Today, a very small percentage of our current population are afflicted with giantism, and though this is not said to be a genetic disfigurement, it does demonstrate that human DNA indeed has the capacity, under certain conditions, to produce ‘abnormally’ large people.

So, where did they come from, and where did they go? Questions that are too difficult to definitely answer, but any number of hypotheses could be generated. One might be that these giant peoples were not a sustainable race – that is the Earth could not support their physical and physiological needs. Second might be that they are the product of some divine intervention. A third may be that the Nephilim evolved as a result of interbreeding with aliens.

While the latter sounds incredibly far fetched, there are far more unanswered questions about the Ancients than facts, and some non-Earthly intervention may indeed have influenced the evolution a central Atlantean civilization which gave rise to our modern, recorded history. In many ways, it seems our purpose today, is to undo the many mistakes of humanity over the course of the hundreds of thousands of years of modernized civilization, and rediscover our true roots which will re-establish a balance that is necessary for humanity to again move forward.

I will be evaluating several Atlantean theories and discussing related evidence in the coming months. Stay tuned!

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