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innovation in motion

The process of innovation has always been central to Ocean Opportunity’s projects and programs. This process is what provides the enabling tools for probing deeper and longer into areas of our Blue Planet.

We have recently made a significant investment into a new closed-circuit rebreather called the rEvo (www.revo-rebreathers.com). This life system, produced in Belgium, meets many of our forthcoming needs. After an incredible amount of homework on the many units out there, the rEvo most closely fits our ideal system. Over the coming months, several custom modifications will be underway with collaborators in our ‘Exploration Technologies Group’.

We will be documenting this process of innovation in motion as we customize our rEvo to fit some mission-specific criteria for the near future. This information will be made publicly available via a new blog: explorationtechnologiesgroup.blogspot.com.

Stay tuned here and at the new blog, dedicated to our work in the field of innovative advancements in life support systems for ocean exploration.

We’ll see you out there.

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