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the historical value of the history on The History Channel

'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael LombardiI hate to admit it, but this wintery massacre of 2011 is keeping even me inside (while not shovelling snow anyway). While I’m not much of a television person, background noise in various formats is welcomed when chipping away at the never-ending piles of stuff to do.

I must say that I am particularly taken by The History Channel. While deeply intrigued by the variety of subject matter, much of which is well researched and referenced, I have been somewhat overwhelmed by the themes embedded in many of the programs – namely the 2012 prophecies. The History Channel touches on 2012 in numerous programs and from the perspective of Nostradamus, Mayan calendars, alien interventions, terrorist attacks, Biblical prophecy, secret societies, and it goes on.

All of this truly is fascinating, but rather than extract and interpret lessons from our history to better understand our future, I fear that we (the television consuming masses of America) are being led down a deeply speculative path where we are challenged to contemplate the end of days. I can tell you that after a solid week of all-day History Channel marathon viewing – it is hard to imagine any state of existance after 2012…the world may as well come to an end!

I am curious to learn more about programming selection and schedules as it relates to ratings. The stories that dig deep to expose conspiracies associated with the Ancients, secret societies, a Biblical armageddon, and alien influences on Planet Earth surely keep the viewers coming back for more, but do these issues represent the foremost critical historical issues that the mainstream public needs to contemplate today?

Perhaps, or perhaps not…

The lesson is – kids, don’t believe everything you see or hear on tv.

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