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The Fourth Kind | a frank discussion and review

'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael Lombardi
This weekend was an extra-terrestrial movie double header…but not of the District 9 type. Rather, despite the ‘fiction’ label on the DVD box, I took a deeper look at the realities of the paranormal and prophecy. This discussion will span the next several posts here on ‘a New Life’.

The first film was ‘The Fourth Kind’. Call me what you will, but I watched it late one night by myself, and it scared the bejeezums out of me.

This film portrays a series of psycho paranormal events in Nome, Alaska, in which the afflicted have consistent experiences interacting with ‘non-humans’ while asleep. The film is criticized for being presented as ‘based on real events’, but the Nome disappearances in question have no hard evidence of alien abductions.

The Fourth KindThe movie made me think however. It made me think about the times when you feel like you are being watched, or not alone, or are too creeped out to look out the window…perhaps with good reason, as the human psyche just doesn’t let us accept something so deeply traumatic. In the film, the image of aliens is masked by a white owl – the semblance to the creepy little huminoids worked well, and further represented what our human brains are capable of. That is, letting our day to day existence be rather incapable of understanding something that would so deeply affect our state of existence.

The film also touches on the concept of Earth being an experimental petri dish to some extent, where we are being manipulated or cultivated for some yet unknown purpose. Steven Spielberg’s ‘Taken’ does a better job of this, but ‘The Fourth Kind’ bridges the gap with a creepy realism. Hey, why not? When we contemplate the ‘why we are here’ in the very big picture, it may as very well be to meet the needs of a higher intelligence. Naturally, no one can prove this otherwise.

The last element of the movie was quite disturbing. This was where Dr. Tyler herself, under hypnosis, exhibits signs of possession – and provides the communication conduit for the little white buggers, implying that they may be our God, or ‘gods’. Scary, yes. But it would explain so much. Yes, its ‘just a movie’, but it is important to consider that the power of our dreams and creativity does not come from thin air. Are we all being toyed around as part of some greater conspiracy? Likely not. My perspective is that underlying our state of existence is an entirely new paradigm of ‘life’ that may have been understood by early humans, but it is a body of knowledge that has since left our psyche. This has manifested itself over time through our devolution – reaching to find acceptance in pop-culture, rather than our society allowing science to take us there – and hence perhaps the greater ‘powers that be’ are reaching a breaking point and are about to pull the plug on the whole thing. Who could blame them? We are failing miserably.

I don’t know if its me or not, but the amount of alien and UFO related entertainment media out there as of recent is truly amazing. Nearly every channel, full series, inundation of web media outlets – it’s everywhere. And of more concern is that it all coincides with this 2012 hocus pocus. Coincidence? Perhaps, but perhaps not…

Now that issue itself (of random chance versus determinism) is addressed in the second of my weekend double header – ‘The Knowing’.

Stay tuned.


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