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'Falling' in at Ft. Wetherill

'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael LombardiHaving more completely off-gassed from the three week #Antikythera #exosuitproject in Greece, I felt I had a much needed obligation to realign myself with a quick dive here at home. With kids in the mix, that means a constant shuffle to do anything much ‘fun’ for yourself, so I made a very early start (everyone still sleeping) and got to Ft. Wetherill in Jamestown, Rhode Island before sunrise.

Fall had clearly set in..the morning air was crisp, and I could see a wintry sky out there on the horizon as the sun just started to creep up. Conditions were suboptimal, with wind blowing into both coves, so there was a bit of a washing machine happening. I knew visibility would be poor, nevertheless I pulled up my wetsuit, which alone was a refreshing reminder of why I love what I do. The familiar smell of musty neoprene first thing in the morning is one of those subtleties that only us living the life aquatic can truly appreciate.

I managed to get geared up and in the water before the sun was up, so coupled with the churned up bottom, it may as well have been a night dive. I swam out into thirty or so feet of water, found a bit of a rock ledge to nestle myself up to and shut off the lights. The rock walls were silhouetted nicely against the moonlight backdrop. There I just waited patiently for the sun to rise fully and observed the benthos come to life. Truly spectacular.

It’s a rare occasion that I get out there for a ‘fun’ dive, but as life gets progressively more complicated, I’ve found that its necessary to make a splash every now again, even a short and sweet one, to find a renewed appreciation for why it is that we do what we do…to find solace in our relationship with our Blue Planet, and consider our future with ‘a New Life in the Sea’.

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