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Edgar Cayce’s Atlantis | a review

'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael LombardiThere is nothing short of the word ‘rivetting’ to adequately describe Edgar Cayce’s visions of Atlantis. Coupled with the fact that such insight came from a Kentucky farm boy at the turn of the 20th century adds an even greater sense of bewilderment. ‘Edgar Cayce’s Atlantis’, authored by Drs………. Greg and Lora Little and John Van Auken presents and analyzes the Cayce readings that shed light on Atlantis, citing both scientific evidence that supports to the Cayce readings, and offers avenues for continued self-study.

Even greater than some mythological empire, Atlantis represents a period of human history pre-dating more commonly studied ‘ancient civilizations’, yet when humans did indeed inhabit Earth. Atlantis theorists argue that the lost city was highly advanced, possibly containing elements of technology and culture that are long lost, never evolving through the course of human civilization as we know it. The Atlanteans may have been a highly advanced race, seeding planet Earth with the roots of modern civilization. So, where did it all go?

If we consider time, even fathoming this planet some 100,000 years ago is next to impossible. The further in the past we go, the more questions we have to answer. Based on Earth’s geological record, we do know that several cataclysmic events took place. If one were to occur today, our civilization would be virtually wiped out. What story would its remnants tell humans 100,000 years from now? It would be fragmented at best.

Having said that, there is room to believe. Most interestingly is that given the timeline of hominid to human evolution, Atlanteans are thought to bridge the time gap where humans became human. What defined this? free will? a spiritual or divine intervention? While we may never know, evidence from other ancient civilization leads us to believe that the ancients were anything but a bunch of dummies. Their ‘smarts’ were a different sort however, with wealth coming from achieving a higher consciousness and relationship with the universe. Suffice to say, they weren’t all that worried about text messages and iPads.

If anything, reading about Atlantis helps put things in perspective. After all, if we are to move beyond this minute blip in the history of humanity, we may as well learn from our past, to better sculpt our future.

This is just one of several Blog posts to come in what will be a series analyzing and interpreting Atlantis and Atlantean theoryShare
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