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dispatch 060209 | Leg 4

This morning we refueled in Nassau Harbor, did a small grocery shop, and connect with our liaison at the Department of Fisheries to pick up a small boat that we would tow to the Berry’s for use during the forthcoming research project. Our final indulgence was a stop at Starbucks, which amazingly was kept very comparable to a US Starbucks. On the way back to the fuel dock, I used the security gate to enter the docking area – passcode was ‘1492’ – a fitting reminder of the history in the area.
We got underway shortly after noontime, leaving the harbor by 1230. The afternoon transit crosses deepwater on the Northwest corner of New Providence marking the northern boundary of the Tongue of the Ocean. Our plan was to make it to the Berry’s by about 7PM.

The ride was a bit of a roller, and facing nearly due West, the setting after noon sun was a scorcher in the wheelhouse. After anchoring outside of Chub Cay at 730-ish, I hopped in for a quick dip, then showered up for dinner.

The group had dinner aboard the Deer Dancer, the second vessel involved in this project. After a greeting and introductions, some shared sea stories of the cruise to here in the Berry’s, and a few drinks, I started in on the intro to this week’s training program.

Looking forward to a solid night sleep. Last night I slept outside in a hammock, will do the same tonight. The fresh air worked wonders as opposed to the musty crew cabin which was damp for the thunderstorm a few days ago. In the AM, we’re going to start a marathon rescue and accident management training program to help the team prep for their incoming dive team alter this week.

Signing off, from our final destination (finally!).