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dispatch 060109 | like an oasis

Leaving the Land & Sea Park yesterday was faced with some weather challenges. We thought we had sat out the worst of it, but some choppy seas kept us from attempting our long awaited fun dive to break up the journey. We continued northwest along the bank side of the cays with a target destination of Norman’s Cay. Tortue made its way through a large front with persistent rain, and lightening. This was somewhat of a concern, as Tortue stands higher than any of the surroundings, including the nearby keys. With no chance of seeking shelter, we just pressed forward.

Our chartbook indicated that Norman’s was home to McDuff’s, a bar/restaurant at the local beach club. We made a ‘reservation’ for dinner, figuring it would be a much deserved break from the arduous day along the bank.

As we set anchor at Norman’s the rain let up somewhat, and we headed ashore to be met with much surprise. While small, the beach club was hoppin’! TV, some 80’s tunes, excellent food, and plenty of drinks…this place was like an oasis.

This morning, I woke up to the gentle rock of Tortue, and some sun…finally! Today seems like it’ll be like one of those days that they advertise here in the Bahamas…sun, blue skies, calm water – and off we cruise; destination Nassau.