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dispatch 060109-2 | in port

The day was spent crossing the bank. During my time at the wheel, I saw a small pod of dolphins off the bow. That was about the only excitement that broke up our near 7 hour cruise today.

At 2PM we just pull into Nassau Harbor on the north side of New Providence. The Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island jumps out at me as an eyesore after having spent the past three days cruising through the mostly uninhabited Exumas. Still, some city comfort will go a long way seeing that I still have a week of time to spend in some more remote stretches of the islands.

After dinner aboard Tortue, we stretched our legs ashore and visited the PoopDeck for a fruity drink. As I write this, I’m back aboard Tortue, settling in for the night. Tomorrow is the last stretch of our cruise to the Berry Islands.

Next project while travelling is to outline this accident management course that I’ll be teaching. I’ve taught rescue diving alone before, but need to spruce this course up, as the team is working more remotely than most folks, so mitigating risk is a priority. This is my favorite type of training to conduct, as it improves self-awareness, self-sufficiency, and self-reliance. This type of training is valuable at all levels, and carries over to other aspects of life.

I’m going to be using this course as an opportunity to frame a writing project on the subject. The material will likely be used in my next book project on dive program administration as well.

That’s all for tonight. Wishing all well as I take in the Bahama breeze and stare at the lights illuminating Nassau Harbor.