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dispatch 052809 | here we go again

Some say I have it made, others think my journeys are a bit on the crazy side. In either case, I consider myself fortunate. From hardcore expeditions to random boondoggles, the stuff that crosses my desk is surely unique.

Tonight, as I write this, I’m wrapping up packing (last minute) for an 0430 departure to Georgetown, Exuma, Bahamas. I’ve managed to perfect the art of packing for the field…somehow I figured out how to pack a full set of dive gear, clothes, and photo equipment into one, errrrr heavy, bag.

It feels like I’ve made this trip a thousand times…to the Exumas, where I consider myself at home. This journey is somewhat unique in that I’m teaming up with colleagues in Elizabeth Harbor to make the transit by vessel Northward to Eleuthera and the Berry Islands. From there, I’ll be conducting a dive accident management/rescue diving class for remote operations in support of a research project this is gearing up. The project will study the queen conch, one of the Bahamas’ most important commercial fisheries.

Three long days out to sea await. I’ll be doing my best to Blog along the voyage and keep everyone informed.

Check back soon!