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In Thomas Friedman’s ‘The World is Flat 3.0’, we’re taken on a whirlwind tour of global economics, business development, and trends in globalization that are sculpting more than just how ‘we’ do business, but how we think.

Just one generation separates a generalized mentality of ‘going to work’ versus more lifestyle driven careers. It is taking a little longer for the tools of globalization to enter the ocean community, but they are indeed here. The abilities to track down, and even collaborate with like-minded persons across the planet is helping to pilot programs that would otherwise be sitting in some one’s circular file. But, it also means more competition in many ways. So, the race is on.

One unique element in the ocean community is a genuine affinity for the ‘work’ to be done in most cases. We are scientists, engineers, educators, advocates, and whatnot because we love the ocean. In some form or fashion, we have pursued a formal education in the field, and hope to put it to good use. Today, with the ever expanding conduit of continuing self-education opportunities, each of us is able to find our own little niche, and become our own expert.

The above equation from Friedman’s book is so very true. Where CQ (curiosity quotient) plus PQ (passion quotient) equals our IQ (intellectual quotient). We in the ocean community are fortunate. We work and/or collaborate in small groups or think tanks which allow both curiosity and passion for our work to embed themselves into our productive outputs.

This evolution of intellect, fueled by careful observations in our global economy and civilization, is what is necessary really make change. Forward thinkers…step right up. The vast majority of this planet is up for grabs, and it’s only a matter of time.