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caught in the act…by satellite!!!

'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael LombardiAs our world gets smaller and smaller in many ways given the massive wave of (inter)connectivity technology has afforded us (for better or worse), I have often prided myself on having found some peace, solitude, and solemnity on an almost daily basis with my underwater exploits.

Apparently those days are nearing an end!

A friend was recently investigating potential fishing sites along the Rhode Island coastline using Google Earth, and came across this:

This is a man-made stone causeway extending into the ocean that is being used to stage a pipeline installation project underwater. That turbulence at the end of the causeway is me – blowing bubbles while carrying out construction tasks for the project. Truly amazing!

The power of imaging technology – and ‘big brother’ – cannot be escaped, apparently now even while venturing underwater! While a useful tool, this should also make us weary of just how extensive ‘the grid’ really is…there may be virtually no-off grid solace left – even in unexplored frontiers.